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Advocate for policies supporting computer science education

Your voice matters. Learn about different ways to become an advocate for CS education.

Learn about the CS Teacher Landscape

Learn who teaches K-12 computer science in the U.S., some of the challenges they face, and recommendations for supporting them in building equitable and inclusive classrooms in a report from Kapor Center and CSTA.

Learn about the State of CS.

Learn about CS implementation, teachers, and equity in your state in a new report from, CSTA and ECEP.

CSforCA CS Equity Guide

Looking for ways to better advocate for CS education? Download this guide from CSforCA to better understand the current state of CS Education.

Become an Advocate

Find out more about advocacy work in your state

Get Involved with Advocacy with CSTA

CSTA's policy committee works to vet, develop, and/or adopt a set of endorsed policy recommendations; and develop a toolkit to support CSTA chapter leaders and members on effectively advocating for these policy recommendations at the state level.

Check out the resources this year's committee has put together.

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