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Ian Michael Brock

Co-Founder, Dream Hustle Code and New Nerd

Chicago, IL, USA / Black/African American/Asian

👨 he/him/his

🎓 Recently graduated high school and has decided to take a gap year to complete some of the CS ed focused projects that he has been developing.

😁 Ian loves playing video games, basketball, and watching anime.

Ian Michael Brock

Ian recruits and trains underrepresented students to develop the technical skills necessary for employment in the tech workforce.


Ian has impacted the lives of thousands of Gen Zers across the U.S. and beyond through his virtual events and instruction in CS Education, personal development, and financial literacy training. Ian has become a young Black tech role model for black & brown youth. His work in CS education has allowed him to forge important partnerships with global brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, McDonalds and BET. Ian and his team are currently working to create a workforce development pipeline that will facilitate a pathway for high school graduates (not going to college) to enter the tech space.

Ian Michael Brock


Watch: 15 year-old starts online computer coding classes for kids of color


  • Why does Ian believe that computer science will help to build generation wealth among students of color?

  • What is one of Ian’s advice to improve your personal best?

  • Why is Ian considered a role model and mentor?


Learn more about how Ian started a business to support underrepresented students


Ian first learned computer science in elementary school.

“If I could speak with my younger self (age 9), I would urge myself to spend more time looking into learning how to create really cool games as well as spending more time developing my programming skills. I would inspire him to see how learning to program at this age will lead to an extraordinary life that is going to blow his mind while opening doors to opportunities that he NEVER imagined possible for him. I would also share with him that this is a pathway that can potentially impact millions of young people's lives for generations to come.”

Watch: 15 year-old starts online computer coding classes for kids of color

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