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Victoria C. Chávez

Computer Scientist / Computer Science Lecturer

Rhode Island / Chapinx (Guatemalan)

👩 they/she

🎓M.A. Urban Education Policy, Brown University; B.A. Computer Science & Hispanic Literatures and Culture, Brown University

Victoria C. Chávez

Victoria developed an app to help people find stores that accept food stamps and works to make CS more accessible to students with disabilities.


Victoria C. Chávez (they/she) is a proud Chapinx (Guatemalan) who was born and raised in Chicago, and now calls Rhode Island home. From developing an SMS-based app that tells users which stores accept food stamps, to researching CS accessibility for students with disabilities, advocating for high-quality computer science education in all K-12 schools, and working on inclusive CS pedagogy in higher education, Victoria's work in and outside the classroom is inspired by their own experiences and their desire for a more equitable world.

Victoria C. Chávez


TECHNOLOchica Victoria C. Chávez Computer Scientist

  • What are some organizations around you doing to help increase the number of Latinx STEM students? 

  • What are some ways that teachers can inspire more interest from young girls in technology fields? 

  • Read this article and research recent data around computer science demographics- specifically, are there more girls showing interest in CS (nationally vs locally)?



TECHNOLOchica Victoria C. Chávez Computer Scientist

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