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Learn to Earn: A Summer Coding Camp Teaching Opportunity

Combine your passion for education with the ability to earn extra income teaching STEM this summer as an EDforTech Teacher Partner! Spark student engagement with hands-on coding and robotics in a fun atmosphere with excited learners who want to be there! Recruit students to participate in camp and build your STEM skills. Explore your possibilities. Our Teacher Partners earn a great hourly wage that exceeds most teacher salaries and grows with more students enrolled.

As a Teacher Partner, you decide when you work. Camps run for 3 or 4 hours each day, for a week. You offer a minimum of three weeks with no maximum. This means that your camp experience is flexible, with a schedule that works best for you. Enjoy having the ability to choose your work environment, as camps can be implemented at your school, or a community center. Are you interested in teaching more than one grade level? Our STEM camps give you that opportunity!

You deserve to be supported. We make sure all of our Teacher Partners have everything they need to thrive. Throughout the program, we provide access to live chat-based, phone-based, and email support. Curriculum and teaching materials are provided for you, so you can focus on inspiring the next generation of creators and inventors. We need more teachers like you! Join the movement and encourage students to wonder what they could create today, tomorrow, and into the future. Connect with one of our STEM Specialists today, and we will provide you with everything you need to get started as an EDforTech Teacher Partner.

View this resource to learn more.

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