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New course from Arm: Introduction to Microprocessors

The education team at Arm has published a new free-to-access course on EdX, Introduction to Microprocessors:

It’s getting great reviews so far, with learners calling it "a perfect course", "excellent" and "a great experience".

The course is pitched at 16-18 year olds. It's also intended as a primer for students, who have limited formal education in Computer Science and are embarking on a degree in a Computer Engineering & Informatics discipline. Equally, for anyone who’s interested in the topic, it’s a great introduction to basic ideas that underlie computing. All you need is some familiarity with programming and a basic understanding of Boolean algebra.

The course comprises four modules, which include video explanations presented by a diverse team of young Arm engineers:

Module 1: Introduction to the CPU

An introduction to the CPU, the importance of binary in Computing, and the central components of processors.

Module 2 The ALU and Decode Unit

An exploration of the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), the arithmetical and logical operations it carries out.

Module 3 The Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle

A discussion of the Fetch-Execute or Fetch-Decode-Execute cycle (FDE). Consideration of some elements which impact the performance of the CPU, the connecting types of memory, and pipelining.

Module 4 Assembly Language

A discussion of the need for machine code and the process to convert object code to machine code. Learners take their first steps in assembly language.

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