Optimistic Closures

Below are three ways to utilize the CS Heroes Posters as closing activities during CSEdWeek (Lesson Closure/Exit Ticket) or throughout the school year (Unit/Lesson Connection and Heritage/Awareness Month).

The prompts for “Heritage/Awareness Month” mirror the Welcome Activities version and the prompts for “Lesson Closure” & “Unit/Lesson Connection” are adjusted to be conclusive versus introductory.



Suggested Time: 7-10 minutes

Select a CS Hero to feature as a closing activity. Have students view the poster and more details on the CS Hero’s webpage and answer the following prompt:

  • How does the work of this CS Hero impact your life?

# mins



​Introduce activity: Impact of CS Heroes


​Think: Students independently read and respond


Pair: Students discuss the prompt with a partner


​Share: Whole-class discussion

You can eliminate the pair discussion and go straight to group discussion. This can be documented in a journal/notebook, submitted online in a class discussion, or written on an exit ticket that students can turn in on their way out of class.



Suggested Time: 10-15 minutes

Introduce a CS Hero whose work relates to a unit you're covering. Here are a few examples from the 2021 selection:

CS Hero

Curriculum Topic

​Michael Donnelly

Computing & Data Analysis

​Kyla Guru


​Michael Running Wolf


​Cynthia Yeung


​Michael Yra


Answer the following prompt:

  • How does the work of this CS Hero relate to the lesson/unit we’re studying?

# mins



​Introduce the CS Hero


​View the featured video OR read a featured article.


​Think: Students independently read and respond


​Pair: Students discuss the prompt with a partner


​Pair: Students discuss the prompt with a partner



Suggested Time: 5-10 minutes (dependent on depth of coverage)

Feature a CS Hero that identifies with the heritage or awareness month that you are celebrating. Here are a few examples from the 2021 selection:

Heritage/Awareness Event


CS Heroes

​Hispanic/Latinx Heritage

​Sep 15 - Oct 15

​Anielle Guedes

​Cybersecurity Awareness


​Kyla Guru

​Filipino American History


​Michael Yra

​Native American/Alaska Native Heritage


​Michael Running Wolf

​Black History


​Fig O'Reilly

Germar Reed

​Women’s History


Sofia Ongele

Amy Ko

​Asian Pacific American Heritage


Josiah Hester

Cynthia Yeung

​LGBTQ Pride


​Michael Donnelly Meenoo Rami

Play the CS Hero’s feature video to the class and have students review the resources on the CS Hero’s CSEdWeek page and answer the following prompts:

  • What do you and the CS Hero have in common?

  • What about this CS Hero inspires you?

# mins



Introduce the CS Hero OR have students select one of the CS Heroes that identify with the heritage.


​Students independently read about the CS Hero.


Students respond to the prompts.


Students share with a partner/group/whole class.

5-Minute Version: Teacher introduces the CS Hero and students respond to the prompt to the whole class.

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