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Teach, Learn, and Create CS and AI Courses with Kira Today

At Kira Learning we believe that by 2030 Computer Science and AI will become as foundational to K-12 student learning as literacy and numeracy. That is why we are building the content, tools, and support necessary to empower anyone to teach and master these critical subject areas.

Starting in early 2023, teachers and students will be able to access Kira’s year and semester-long courses ranging from an introduction to programming methodologies in Python to an in-depth artificial intelligence specialization. Learners and educators interested in these topics and eager to understand Kira Learning’s instructional approach can take our AI Microcourse for Beginners, currently available for free on our website.

Kira’s course design and browser-based instructional tools are anchored in a belief that learning experiences should be flexible, allowing students to transition seamlessly between self-paced environments and instructor-led classrooms. To this end, our asynchronous and live video offerings, as well as our course creation and editing tools allow teachers to adopt, modify, or repurpose our course content to best suit their circumstances and instructional goals.

Create, Teach, Learn

With our Creator Tool, instructors can create their own Computer Science content from scratch or leverage Kira CS templates created by content experts. With multiple assessments, different content types including video, images, and an embedded IDE, the Creator Tool is a course-authoring instrument built for STEM fields to enable seamless instruction - anytime, anywhere.

This is a screenshot of Kira Learning's course dashboard.

Platform and Support

Kira Learning believes well-architected instructional content is foundational to student learning. Our experience has also taught us that effective delivery of this content can be just as important. That is why Kira has crafted an intuitive and integrated platform to deliver CS curriculum to every student.

Kira’s coding environment is embedded within each lesson so students can learn from our experienced instructors and practice coding in one window. There is no need for students to navigate between multiple tabs, windows, or platforms, so they can keep their attention centered on the activities most conducive to their learning.

Instructors can quickly provide feedback to students, or employ our AI-driven feedback to keep students on track and engaged.

This image is a sample of how to code in the Kira platform.

In many areas of the world, CS is still a subject reserved for a select few. We know that Kira’s content and platform will give everyone the opportunity to learn and teach CS fundamentals critical to today's world.

Sign Up For Free Today

Teach students the fundamentals of AI and Python programming for free - no prior coding knowledge necessary for instructors or learners. Kira’s autograded assessments and intuitive support materials guide teachers from Lesson 1 so you can spend less time prepping and more time helping your students succeed.

Sign up for free today to start using Kira to teach CS and AI in your classroom or at home.

If you are interested in learning more about Kira for your school, classroom, or want to start creating your own CS content, contact us at

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