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Teaching #CSforSocialJustice in the Classroom

Social justice, as a concept, arose in the early 19th century primarily focused on economics- capital, property, and the distribution of wealth. By the mid-20th century, social justice expanded from being primarily concerned with economics to include other spheres of social life including the environment, race, gender, and other causes and manifestations of inequality.

Now, the concept of social justice often refers to human rights, centered around improving the lives of groups historically marginalized based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and disability.

As part of the #CSforGood movement, in 2020 we decided to shine a light on how Computer Science can serve as a catalyst for social justice. #CSforSocialJustice

Without access to rigorous computer science and STEM courses, underrepresented students have limited opportunities and aspirations to develop computing knowledge.

View all of the highlighted #CSforSocialJustice heroes by visiting the teach page.


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