Sonika Manandhar

Computer Engineer

Role: Co-Founder at Aeloi Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Pronouns: she/her

Race/Ethnicity: Newa (Nepami)

Education: B.S. Computer Engineering, Kathmandu Engineering College

Fun Fact: She can sing!

About Her Work: Sonika Manandhar is a Nepalese computer engineer and co-founder of Aeloi Technologies, a fintech platform that mobilizes the grassroots economy to reduce climate change by bridging the last-mile impact financing gap for green microentrepreneurs with digital tokens. She has spent nearly a decade as a software programmer and today uses her technical expertise as a tool to communicate with the grassroots microentrepreneurs and translate that knowledge in building a fintech solution that matches the grassroots user's needs.

Watch & Discuss

Video: Young Champion of the Earth 2019: Sonika Manandhar

  • What are ways to reduce carbon emission rates and how is Sonika addressing this issue?

  • Why is it important to reduce carbon emission rates and what can individuals do to impact this issue?

Extension Activities

Sonika Manadhar created the Green Energy Mobility (GEM) platform to combat Climate Change. Check out some activities related to Climate Change: