Tara Chklovski

Nonprofit Leader

Role: Founder and CEO at Technovation (formerly Iridescent)

Location: San Carlos, California, USA

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Race/Ethnicity: Indian

Education: M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and B.S. in Physics from St. Stephen’s College

Fun Facts: Tara grew up as the daughter of a doctor in the Army and a mechanic who served in the Indian Air Force. She dreamed of flying or building airplanes and tinkered with engine parts as a child. Tara studied aerospace engineering before founding her nonprofit.

About the Images: Tara is the leader of Technovation and an advocate for STEM learning. She works with girls and families who participate in Technovation programs all over the world as shown in the top picture. The bottom picture shows a finalist family at the first Technovation Families AI Challenge Championship Event. This event celebrated six finalist families who identified community problems and solved them using AI.

Watch & Discuss

Video: Technovation - Worldwide Competition for Girls

  • What does Technovation enable girls to do?

  • What problem would you like to solve and how could computer science help you do this?

Extension Activities

Participants in Technovation brainstorm problems they want to solve, prototype an app, and then code an app, often in App Inventor.

What kind of app would your students create?