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Daisy Murillo

Software Engineer at The New York Times

Phoenix, Arizona, USA / Hispanic/Latinx

👩 she/her/hers

🎓 Pursuing Degree in Computer Science at Western Governors University
🎓 Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC)

😁 Daisy has a sulcata male tortoise named Torti who lives in their backyard and loves to munch on papayas, cacti, and prickly pears.

Daisy Murillo

Daisy creates TikToks to teach about technology news and trends in relatable ways.


Daisy has dedicated much of her free time teaching about computer science and sharing her knowledge with others, particularly students from K-12 grade. Daisy continues to do public speaking engagements about diversity and tech education. She looks forward to a future where students of any age, race, ethnicity, cultural background, or economic status have the access to explore CS. But, she also looks forward to a future where students are not only equipped to code everyday personal computers but quantum computers too.

Daisy Murillo


Watch: Discussion with Daisy Murillo-Software Engineer


  • How has Daisy’s involvement in Technolochicas inspired Latinx women?

  • What is Daisy’s advice to other women getting into technology?

  • How did Daisy become interested in computer science?


Learn more about how TECHNOLOchicas inspires, empowers and brings awareness to young Latinas and their families about opportunities and careers in technology.


Daisy first learned computer science in middle school.

“I would tell my 13-year-old self that it’s important to stay consistent with your learnings, and to stay motivated throughout your CS explorations. There will be times where you will think, "maybe I don't belong," or "I'm just not smart enough," but trust me, you do belong and you are 100% capable of achieving success in the CS world.”

Watch: Discussion with Daisy Murillo-Software Engineer

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