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Eden Wilson

Co-Founder of Lemonerdy University/ Senior at Whitney Young Magnet High School

Chicago, IL, USA / Black/African American

👩 she/her/hers

🎓 Senior at Whitney Young Magnet High School

😁 When Eden was 8 years old, she was on a reality show called Child Genius. She was eliminated in the first round with all the other 8-year-olds, but she had an amazing time.

Eden Wilson

Eden is the founder of Lemonerdy, a virtual learning tool on Youtube that teaches people how to code, cook, and do much more.


When Eden uploaded her first coding tutorial to her Lemonerdy channel on YouTube at the height of the pandemic, she soon realized the global impact that a young, Black girl teaching kids to code could have. Girls worldwide sent her messages telling her how happy they were to see someone who looked like them, coding. Their reactions to having a peer teach them to code were the catalyst for Lemonerdy University. As the co-founder of Lemonerdy University, she has led the development of an ad-free peer-to-peer online learning platform that harnesses the knowledge and enthusiasm of youth instructors to teach STEM courses.. By engaging young instructors, Lemonerdy University not only imparts valuable technical skills to the youth instructors but also fosters a relatable and inspiring learning environment for young learners. This approach encourages the next generation of computer scientists by giving them role models that help them see themselves represented in STEM. She also lends her talents as a coder and on-camera personality to other learning platforms, creating courses and licensing her STEM content to others. She is not shy about sharing her love for computer science and is always eager to speak to youth and adults alike about computer science. IIn 2023, she was the youngest speaker at Microsoft’s largest conference for developers, Microsoft Build, and routinely speaks to youth groups about her journey in CS.

Eden Wilson


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  • What is the name of Eden’s virtual learning tool on YouTube?

  • What inspired Eden to start her own business?

  • Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

  • How can computer science help you start your business?

  • Eden uses computer science for good to help other people, especially those with disabilities. How can you use computer science for the good of others?


Elementary school (grades PreK-5, ages 5-11)
“I would tell my 11-year-old self to keep the passion and excitement that you have when you are around like-minded girls and use it to transform spaces where you are the only girl into welcoming and inclusive environments for others. I would also say that there is so much to learn in the world of computer science - don't be afraid, but be open and excited about all of the possibilities.”

Read: Eden Wilson is Breaking Down Barriers in Technology


Ethical or Moral Impacts of Computing: “I strive to make our platform as inclusive as possible, however, we realize that we have to overcompensate for the lack of diversity on other platforms by making sure there is ample representation on ours.”

Good: Eden's co-founding of Lemonerdy University, a peer-to-peer STEM education platform where kids teach kids and are fairly compensated for their work, contributes to the positive impact of computer science. This initiative increases employment opportunities in computer science and computer science education for young individuals while highlighting the diverse talent that youth can bring to the field. Additionally, the platform leverages computers and the internet to reach its audience effectively, showcasing how access to technology enhances educational initiatives.

Neutral: Computers are integral to Lemonerdy University's operations, and the platform's effectiveness is influenced by users' access to computers and high-speed internet. This underscores the neutral impact of computing, as technological access can significantly affect the success and reach of educational initiatives. Additionally, Eden predicts that AI will improve accessibility to computer science education, particularly for individuals with disabilities, which aligns with the broader trend of technology advancing accessibility.

Negative: Eden hasn't encountered any drawbacks related to AI in her work with Lemonerdy University. However, she emphasizes her wish for computing to increase opportunities and access to education for people with learning differences and intellectual disabilities. This implies that, without careful consideration and inclusivity, there could be negative impacts related to accessibility and inclusivity in the field of computer science and education.

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