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Kyla Guru

Student at Stanford University
Founder/CEO at Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity
Security Operations Intern

Deerfield, IL, USA / South Asian

👩 she/her/hers

🎓 Stanford University - currently studying computer science and international security

😁 Kyla used to be really interested in spelling bees! She competed in spelling bees all throughout elementary and middle school, and my love for words now takes the form of a love for all things poetry!

Kyla Guru

Kyla promotes safe internet use by educating students about privacy and cybersecurity. Computer science is transforming online safety!


Kyla co-founded an annual conference, GirlCon Tech ( that empowers high-school females across the country to network and empower interdisciplinary innovation in technology. Additionally, she founded an organization, Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education Corp. ( to help individuals of vulnerable populations (from our youngest students in elementary school to elders in senior homes) to feel safe and secure on the Internet through education, awareness, and training. She had the chance to work with Facebook, Google, and Apple before on various computer science projects that impact the space of consumer safety--including new features related to children's digital citizenship, and machine learning models that prevent fraud proactively. Kyla envisions a world where everyone can feel safe and empowered by technology!

Kyla Guru


Watch: Hacking a Solution to Global Cybercrime.


  • Why is cybersecurity important? 

  • What facts surprised you? 

  • How is Kyla addressing the problem?


Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education has created this open sourced curriculum that is now available for free to teachers, youth-group leaders, or camp directors that are looking to find a way to integrate Cybersecurity lessons into the classroom.


Watch: Hacking a Solution to Global Cybercrime.

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