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Okezue Bell

Founder and Director at Fidutam,
Founder and Lead Developer at WeArm,
High School Senior at Moravian Academy,

Easton, Pennsylvania, USA / Black/African American

👨 he/him/his

🎓 Senior at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (also taking dual enrollment college courses in mathematics and computer science)

😁 Okezue is a big fan of Japanese culture and cuisine, especially sweets!

Okezue Bell

Okezue builds affordable prosthetic arms for amputees using artificial intelligence and 3D printing.


Okezue saw the lack of community-responsive applications in computer science, so this led him to seek to develop solutions to cater toward the underserved. After meeting an amputee, Okezue invented the WeArm, an inexpensive prosthetic device that uses artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, and haptic technology to accurately and easily mimic the behavior of a human hand. Okezue will pilot the WeArm in underserved clinics in Nigeria and Bosnia in 2023. The innovation has been recognized internationally by Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and more. Okezue uses his platform to uplift youth—especially those of marginalized groups—informing them of how to innovate and exposing them to STEM fields.

Okezue Bell


Watch: Okezue Bell BioGENEIus 2022 Winner


  • What was Okezue’s inspiration for creating a low-cost functional prosthetic arm?

  • What is something you would like to create that would help others?

  • What could be a first step in creating this?




Okezue first learned computer science in elementary school.

“Finding a community not only makes fields like coding fun, but it allows you to gain perspectives and insights that increase your creativity when using the tools in CS. Connecting with thousands of youth, scientists, and coders of color around the globe has been an invaluable experience for me. It's enabled me to dream big, develop useful solutions in my local and global community, and expand my circle of competence.”

Watch: Okezue Bell BioGENEIus 2022 Winner

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