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Sara-Marie Riyad

Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / USA / Middle Eastern/North African

👩 she/her/hers

🎓 Pursuing Bachelor Degree in Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University

😁 Sara-Marie used to train geese and worked at an ice cream shop during high school.

Sara-Marie Riyad

Sara-Marie expands access to STEM and CS education to marginalized communities, including orphaned women in Egypt.


Sara-Marie realized how many people all over the world did not have the same privilege as her to have access to a STEM education. In high school, she reached out to the Metropolitan of Port Said to help fund an orphanage in Port Said, Egypt that gave orphaned women in Egypt access to STEM education. She also became Officer of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for BAYCSC, an student-run organization that worked to increase access and inclusion in computer science education. Now, as a college student she continues to advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. (DEI)

Sara-Marie Riyad


Watch: Sara-Marie Interview


  • What is Information Systems?

  • What do you know about Machine Learning (AI)?

  • Why didn’t Sara-Marie didn’t pursue her love for math?



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Sara-Marie first learned computer science in high school.

“Don't compare yourself to others- learning isn't linear! When I was first introduced to programming, it was through a week of code in 5th grade. I saw how quickly my peers understood the lessons and I gave up. I never touched it again until a teacher at my high school encouraged me to take AP Computer Science Principles (15 years old). Although I had to put a lot of work in, I never felt more proud when I made it through those harder classes! Education is not about the grade you get, but the learning you do!”

Watch: Sara-Marie Interview

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