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Sofia Ongele

Student at Fordham University
Founder at ReDawn
Creative Advisory Intern and Instructor Assistant at Kode with Klossy
Ambassador at Built By Girls
Bicentennial Ambassador and Junior Academy Member at The New York Academy of Sciences

New York City, NY / Black/East African American

👩 she/her/hers

🎓 Fordham University -- currently studying Computer Science and Political Science

😁 Sofia loves to bake! Nearly every weekend during quarantine, Sofia and her younger sister bake gluten-free and vegan versions of classics — from lemon bars to snickerdoodles — in between rounds of learning TikTok dances and playing Animal Crossing.

Sofia Ongele

Sofia creates apps that support survivors of gender-based violence and get innocent people off of death row. Computer science is transforming social justice!


Sofia’s most notable accomplishment is her award-winning mobile application ReDawn, an app to provide support to survivors of gender-based violence by connecting users to a sympathetic chat-bot, local resources, and an incident log. Outside of this app, she spent her last few summers teaching at Kode With Klossy and creating web applications for social justice, whether it be to tackle the events of January 6th, to get innocent people off of death row, and to facilitate timely communication between representatives and their constituents on pressing issues.

Sofia Ongele


Watch: Sofia Ongele - Code Circle Interview

  • What got Sofia interested in computer science? 

  • What is Sofia’s biggest challenge? 

  • How is Sofia addressing this struggle?


Watch:  Sofia Ongele - Code Circle Interview

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