Sonika Manandhar

Computer Engineer / Co-Founder at Aeloi Technologies Pvt. Ltd / Science

🇳🇵 Kathmandu, Nepal / Newa (Nepami)

👩 She/her

🎓 B.S. Computer Engineering, Kathmandu Engineering College

😁 She can sing!

Sonika Manandhar

Sonica reduces climate change by helping entrepreneurs find and track small loans for green agriculture projects.


Sonika Manandhar is a Nepalese computer engineer and co-founder of Aeloi Technologies, a fintech platform that mobilizes the grassroots economy to reduce climate change by bridging the last-mile impact financing gap for green microentrepreneurs with digital tokens. She has spent nearly a decade as a software programmer and today uses her technical expertise as a tool to communicate with the grassroots microentrepreneurs and translate that knowledge in building a fintech solution that matches the grassroots user's needs.

Sonika Manandhar


Young Champion of the Earth 2019: Sonika Manandhar

  • What are ways to reduce carbon emission rates and how is Sonika addressing this issue? 

  • Why is it important to reduce carbon emission rates and what can individuals do to impact this issue?


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