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Inspire others to learn computer science

Find out how you can inspire students and their families to learn computer science. Get all the resources out there to inspire kids to learn more, breaking stereotypes, and leaving them feeling empowered.


Host an Hour of Code

Help students uncover the joy of learning computer science! Lead an hour long hands-on experience to break down fears and stereotypes of CS. Choose from 700 activities to inspire students to explore, play, and create with CS. Tens of millions of students have learned with the Hour of Code.

Download the Hour of Code Participation Guide.

Equitable K-12 Computer Science Education

We are able to celebrate progress this year due to the increased focus on equitable teaching practices in CS Education. As noted in our theme, we’ve made great progress, but there are still advancements to make so that every student has an equal opportunity to learn computer science.

Our partners at the Kapor Center have developed this definition of equitable K-12 Computer Science Education that can be used as a guiding star when developing your own teaching practice.

Join CSTA for the Equity in Action Summit

The Equity in Action Summit brings together K-12 Computer Science teachers by calling them to action to transform their approach to providing equitable CS education rooted in justice and to engage in strategies to equip themselves with resources on representation, access, and culturally sustaining pedagogies. By the end of the summit, attendees will be able to choose resources to develop a unit or lesson that is equitable and meets the individual needs of their students.


This event will occur on March 2, 2024.

Develop your Equitable Teaching Skills

If you are looking to develop your own equitable teaching skills, there are many great resources throughout the CS Education community. Our partners at the Alliance for Identity Inclusive Computing Education have a great "DEI Bytes" lesson series focused on equitable education.

Join the World’s Largest Computer Science Department

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is your place to belong, grow as a CS teacher, and impact your classroom and beyond. Connect with over 19,000 CS teachers from around the globe and strength in your local community. Unlock access to valuable resources, discounts, and professional development to your teaching practice.

Equitable Teaching Resources


Panel Discussion on #CSforSocialJustice

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Panel Discussion on #CSEverywhere

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Panel Discussion on #CelebratingProgress

Dive into our experience and explore past events

Explore videos and recaps from past events.


Find a local volunteer and invite them to meet and inspire your students.

Prepare your volunteer to meet your students.

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