Drew “Dr. Woohoo” Trujillo

Hybrid Artist / Director of Technology at Meow Wolf

Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA

👨 He/him/his

🎓 Film, Independent Studies, University of New Mexico (UNM)

😁 The first computer program Dr. Woohoo wrote was on a punch card. He had to mail it somewhere so it could be run because computers were huge, expensive, and rare at the time. The program asked the computer to add 2 + 2 together and it took 2 weeks to get the answer.

Drew “Dr. Woohoo” Trujillo

Drew leads multiple teams that merge technology, engineering, art, and math to create immersive art experiences that transport audiences to fantastic realms.


The background images are all from current or future art exhibits at Meow Wolf. The small image on the left is from the exhibit, the House of Eternal Return, in Santa Fe, NM. In this exhibit, common household objects are part of the experience, like the washing machine that you slide through to get to another part of the exhibit. The small image on the right is a sneak peek of The Navigator which will be part of the upcoming exhibit in Denver, CO. Exhibit photos by Kate Russell

Drew “Dr. Woohoo” Trujillo



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