Involve administrators

Visioning Webinar

Thursday, Dec. 10, at 4:30 p.m. ET

Join CSforALL as we take you through an interactive session where you will journey through a visioning activity designed to help you identify YOUR vision for CS in your school or district. You will then work to define CS in your district which will help turn your vision into action. This session will be hosted by CSforALL's Executive Director Leigh Ann De Lyser and other CSforALL Staff. This session is geared towards administrators, school leaders and teachers.

Equity Workshop for Administrators

Thursday, Dec. 10, from 12-3 p.m. ET

The CSforCA Administrator Workshop developed at UCLA is a collaborative hands-on professional development opportunity designed for superintendents, principals, district or county leaders, CS coordinators, lead teachers, teachers on special assignments (TOSAs), or non-profit organizers interested in bringing equitable computer science education to their districts or schools. In the workshop, participants will examine biases and how they influence decisions administrators make about equitable CS, analyze demographic data to identify equity gaps on access to CS, brainstorm solutions to close these gaps, and identify key stakeholders to help develop an action plan to achieve equity goals in CS.

Guidance for School & State Leaders

  • School leaders can learn how to support teachers' professional development, create plans for equitable recruitment, mitigate systemic barriers to equitable participation in CS, and what to look for when evaluating their computer science teachers.

  • State leaders can learn how to use the Standards for CS Teachers when enacting statewide policies around computer science education, including legislative initiatives and funding opportunities. This information may help mitigate unintended consequences when developing and implementing state policies.

  • All instructional leaders can use an observation tool for collecting evidence and supporting teacher reflection surrounding effective instructional practices for computer science education.

Involve counselors

Counselors for Computing

The NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C) program provides information and resources that help counselors join the front line of the computing conversation. We bring people and programs together with professional development, knowledge, and resources to give all students access to transformative computing careers.

Inspiring Students to Pursue Cyber: Strategies for Counselors and Educators

Thursday, Dec. 10, from 3-4 p.m. ET

Hosted by and NCWIT

It's never too early to introduce students to cyber skills and careers! In this high-energy webinar, you will hear from teachers, counselors, and students of all ages about their experiences in cybersecurity.

Join your local CS community

CSTA Chapters

There are over 90 regional communities for K-12 computer science teachers across the United States and Canada, with more launching soon. Chapters bring together teachers who are often isolated in their schools, provide professional development to help teachers improve their craft, and connect local teacher voices to the national computer science education community.

CSTA Engage Virtual Meetup

Thursday, Dec. 10, from 6:30-8 p.m. ET

Connect with and learn alongside other K-12 CS teachers. We’ll host a jam-packed hour and a half, worth every minute of your midweek evening. Activities will include a time specifically for networking, a featured PD activity, and two unconference/birds-of-a-feather sessions.