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New Lesson: My CS Hero + AI

CSTA showcases various heroes on this CSEdWeek site from different industries and communities. Students will research CS heroes who have made an impact on computing and the positive, negative, and neutral influences on artificial intelligence. In this activity (student-guided for grades 6-12 and teacher-facilitated for grades 2--5), students will be able to plan poster content, design posters, and share their posters with others.

List of CS Heroes

2023 — Impacts of Computing

2022 — Celebrating Progress

2021 — CS Everywhere

2020 — CS for Social Justice

2019 — CS for Good

The presentation is an extensive slide deck that provides the lesson plan with vocabulary and graphic organizers, sample posters and templates, and an ‘unplugged’ version of the activity. There are both K-5 and 6-12 versions of the lesson materials. Make a copy to remix the lesson.


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